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Invenciones y sinfonias BWV 772-801
$ 38.800  
Autor: Bach, Johann Sebastian

ISBN:9790201805894Editorial:Henle VerlagPáginas:99Editor:Rudolf SteglichCódigo editor:HN 589Dimensiones:23.50 x 31.00 cmPeso:420

Bach’s Inventions and Sinfonias are rightly considered as indispensable to every pianist. In his famous preface to the collection, Bach himself called it an “Instruction” which teaches students and keyboard lovers to “treat correctly” both two and three voices, to “achieve a singing style in playing” and to “acquire a strong foretaste of composition”. To this end, Bach created timelessly beautiful music which has lost nothing of its relevance to us nearly 300 years after its creation. We are now presenting a new edition of this classic collection, which draws upon all known sources and offers the best in “instruction”, especially with respect to the transmitted embellishment variants. The new Bach – ideal for pianists of every age!


Bach: Invention 1 C major BWV 772
Bach: Invention 10 G major BWV 781
Bach: Invention 11 g minor BWV 782
Bach: Invention 12 A major BWV 783
Bach: Invention 13 a minor BWV 784
Bach: Invention 14 B flat major BWV 785
Bach: Invention 15 b minor BWV 786
Bach: Invention 2 c minor BWV 773
Bach: Invention 3 D major BWV 774
Bach: Invention 4 d minor BWV 775
Bach: Invention 5 E flat major BWV 776
Bach: Invention 6 E major BWV 777
Bach: Invention 7 e minor BWV 778
Bach: Invention 8 F major BWV 779
Bach: Invention 9 f minor BWV 780
Bach: Sinfonia 1 C major BWV 787
Bach: Sinfonia 10 G major BWV 796
Bach: Sinfonia 11 g minor BWV 797
Bach: Sinfonia 12 A major BWV 798
Bach: Sinfonia 13 a minor BWV 799
Bach: Sinfonia 14 B flat major BWV 800
Bach: Sinfonia 15 b minor BWV 801
Bach: Sinfonia 2 c minor BWV 788
Bach: Sinfonia 3 D major BWV 789
Bach: Sinfonia 4 d minor BWV 790
Bach: Sinfonia 5 E flat major BWV 791
Bach: Sinfonia 6 E major BWV 792
Bach: Sinfonia 7 e minor BWV 793
Bach: Sinfonia 8 F major BWV 794
Bach: Sinfonia 9 f minor BWV 795

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